Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On - Shark Brush Roll Indicator Light Red

Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On: A Troubleshooting Guide

Jun 23, 2023
Vacuums equipped with advanced technologies are one of the greatest blessings. They help us to keep our house clean without wasting too much time and energy.

However, even when we use vacuums from some of the most well-known brands on the market like Shark, we sometimes have to face some frustrating malfunctions like inconsistent suction power or Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on.

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These problems are common and easy to fix if we know several simple and actionable tips. This troubleshooting guide to fix the "Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on” issue will first explain what causes it, and then suggest a few quick and easy ways to fix this. Let’s dive right in!

1. Why does Shark include the indicator light in its vacuums?

Shark vacuums have stood the test of time for their reliable yet affordable vacuums. The company has come up with a series of different uprights, handhelds, and robots to meet various customers' needs. In some of its latest upright vacuums, the brush roll is designed to dig deeper into carpets' fiber to pick up the most embedded dust, dirt, and pet hair.

It is powered by two power belts that activate two different lights of different colors. The brush roll activates when users pull the handle down to release the roll. So what is the role of the Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light? Shark includes this feature to help prevent potential damage to the brush roll. The light illuminates to alert users of potential problems that might be happening to the brush.

When the indicator light is green, it is functioning properly. Conversely, the Shark brush roll indicator light red shows that the brush roll is blocked or overheated. So when it's red because of overheating, you'd better stop vacuuming and leave it aside to cool it down.

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But when its light is red because of a blockage, then the problem takes more effort to solve. So you'll need to look for some other solutions to fix it, and I'll share with you some easy tips to get your vacuum back on the track below.

Now, what if the light of your Shark vacuum brush roll indicator does not turn on at all? This could indicate a more serious problem underneath. Fret not! I'll take you through a few simple quick-and-easy fixes to solve the issue. So, read on as I explore more.

Brush roll indicator light does not turn on or turns red is easy to fix the problem

Brush roll indicator light does not turn on or turns red is easy to fix the problem

2. Why is the Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on, and how to fix it?

2.1. Incorrect position of the power switch

Obvious as it might seem, sometimes your brush roll indicator shark does not turn on just because the power switch modes are not in their correct positions. That said, you'll need to check the two modes: I and II.

The I mode shouldn't turn on until the brush roll starts running, whereas the II mode gives your brush roll full running power. Therefore, owners need to check if these two modes are in a proper position. Otherwise, the indicator light won't turn on.

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2.2. Broken brush roll belt

As briefly explained above, the brush roll is operated by two belts connected to two light bulb indicators. So when the belt is old and worn, it tends to break easily, which means the light indicator will not glow at all. What you can do is replace the belt with a new one by following these steps:

  • Make sure you order the correct belt for your Shark vacuum model.
  • Unplug the vacuum and lie it down on the floor so you can easily access the belt from its bottom.
  • Remove the brush roll's cover, panels, and electrical connectors.
  • Take out the rotating brush.
  • Slide the brush roll out so you can reach the belt.
  • Gently remove all dirt and debris from the rotating brush, but make sure that you do not damage the bristles.
  • Put the new belt in with the visible letters facing upwards.
  • Adjust the belt, and ensure that the motor shaft holds one side of the belt while the rotating brush holds its other side.
  • Now, test whether the belt moves properly.

Unplugging your machine before attempting to fix it is always highly recommended

Unplugging your machine before attempting to fix it is always highly recommended

2.3. Blocked brush roll

Sometimes your brush roll indicator light doesn't turn on just because it is fully blocked. This means power can't flow, causing some issues with the functioning of the indicator lamps inside the brush roll. If this is the case, Shark vacuum owners will need to clear the blockage by following the steps below:

  • Turn your vacuum off and unplug it before attempting to do any inspection.
  • Lie it down on a flat and solid surface (ideally on your floor).
  • Detach the brush roll.
  • Use a small brush to remove any debris trapped inside the roll.
  • If there is wrapped hair, you'll need to use a pair of scissors to cut it off. A razor blade can also be used here, but make sure that you don't unintentionally cut any of the internal wirings.
  • Attach the brush roll back in and check to see if the light is on.

2.4. Overheated vacuum

An overheated vacuum is one of the commonest reasons that causes its brush roll indicator light to not turn on. Besides, if your machine is too hot, it can also lead to the problem of your Shark vacuum brush not spinning. 

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This is a common problem, but it is probably one of the easiest problems to fix. Simply solve it by:

  • Turning the machine off.
  • Unplugging immediately when you notice unusual changes in its speed, sound, or brush roll indicator light.
  • Leaving it cool down for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Laying it on the flat and solid ground and removing its dust bin.
  • Using a brush with soft bristles to clean your vacuum’s bin and HEPA filter.
  • Leaving it aside to let it rest for 45 minutes to one hour.

3. Tips to properly clean and maintain your Shark vacuum

In many cases, Shark vacuum troubleshooting doesn’t involve complicated processes that require technical skills or tools. For minor issues like shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on, owners only need to address some simple maintenance-related problems to prevent potential problems from happening. That said, let’s learn how to clean and maintain your Shark vacuum in a proper manner.

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3a. Dismantle and inspect your vacuum

  • Turn your machine off and unplug it.
  • Detach the dirt chamber, filters, and hose.
  • Check every little corner of all components for possible blockages.
  • Use a brush to remove dirt, dust, and debris (if any).
  • Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe out all opening areas.

3b. Clean the dust bin

  • Open the dust bin and pour out all its contents.
  • Wash the bin (if possible) with warm water and apply soap if necessary.
  • Use a brush to clear out all debris inside the bin.
  • Wash the bin thoroughly with soap water.
  • Wipe out the inside area of the bin by using a clean cloth.
  • Leave it aside to dry.

3c. Clean the filters

Most high-end Shark upright models come with both foam and HEPA filters. Since their design is slightly different, users need to take care of them differently:

Follow these steps to clean the HEPA filter:

  • Open the upper cap to pull out the HEPA filter.
  • Wash it thoroughly with warm water.
  • Wipeout and leave it to dry for one day.

Follow these steps to clean the foam filter:

  • Hold the foam filter firmly under a cold water faucet.
  • Wash it thoroughly till the water is clear.
  • Apply soap if necessary and wash again.
  • Wipeout and leave it aside till it is completely dry.

Keeping the filters clean regularly is an important step in the maintenance process

Keeping the filters clean regularly is an important step in the maintenance process Via: Amazon

3d. Clean the vacuum hose

  • Detach the hose.
  • Clean it under the water faucet with soap.
  • Make sure the contents are all removed to prevent blockages.
  • Wash again, and hang the hose over a hook to let it dry overnight.
  • Reattach the components when they’re dry.

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The bottom line

There are many reasons why you might see your Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on. Unfortunately, it is quite common, and even the best Shark vacuum can present its customers with this issue after being used intensively on multiple floor types.

The good news is repairing this malfunction is not difficult, and you can do it by following the simple steps, as shared above. However, regardless of how durable your vacuum is, regular maintenance is always recommended. Periodical cleaning ensures your machine's optimal performance.

I hope you've got some useful tips and guidance from this article. Feel free to leave your questions and comments below. We'll be in touch shortly.

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