Richard Kozak Is One Of The Members Of The Editorial Team of ALL IN ONE Guides

Richard Kozak

Richard Kozak

Richard Kozak is one of the newest members of the editorial team of ALL IN ONE Guides. He has nearly three decades of experience as a cleaning technician-specialist for various companies, buildings, and residential clients.

With his expertise in cleaning tools and techniques, Richard can bring a lot of useful cleaning tips and tricks to the table. He can tell you in detail what you should look for when buying a new mop for vinyl or laminate floors. Then, he’ll also let you know how to clean each floor type correctly!

He started his career as a janitor at an elementary school in San Francisco at 18. He quickly established himself as one of the best and became known for his attention to detail and work ethic.

He soon realized that due to his experience and knowledge, he could offer much more than regular janitorial services. Drawing on this insight, he left his job and struck out in 1993 to create a successful professional cleaning service. Over the next 25 years, Richard was able to attract clients ranging from large corporate institutions to small businesses and residential services.

We’re fortunate to have him as one of the contributors at ALL IN ONE Guides today!

As a contributing writer, he pens many articles you’ve seen (and will see) on ALL IN ONE Guides. Mostly, he’ll write about subjects relating to cleaning around the house and cleaning tools such as mops and vacuum cleaners.

Richard loves to watch vintage movies with his kids when he’s not writing for ALL IN ONE Guides or working on his own business. He currently resides in San Francisco.

A Few Words from Richard

“I know how tiresome and even frustrating cleaning up your house can be, but trust me when I say that you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble by being proactive when it comes to cleaning up around the house. In my years as a professional cleaning technician, I’ve seen a lot of molded walls, attics with huge dust bunnies everywhere, and more!

But cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With the right tool and the correct cleaning technique, it can be fast and even fun.

That’s why I decided to join ALL IN ONE Guides: to tell you all about the best cleaning tools on the market and impart on you some “secret” knowledge that will certainly make your life (and house) better.”


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