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Medela Symphony: An Efficient and Comfortable Choice?

Feb 22, 2021

Breastfeeding can be both tough and time consuming. So if you find yourself not having enough milk or don’t have the time to fully feed the baby, then getting a breast pump is certainly a wise choice. And speaking of which, the Medela Symphony is currently the best rated breast pump on the market.

Learn more about the product and all of its features with our in-depth Medela Symphony Reviews. And at the same time, also discover other great alternatives if you have other priorities.

About the Medela Symphony Breast Pump

From the package, you will have everything that you’ll need to get started. This hospital grade breast pump and its high-quality pumping kit should allow you to work comfortably without any trouble. Use it for both single and double pumping so you can effectively extract milk in any case.


Easy to use
Suction power
Easy to clean

With its advanced 2-Phase Expression technology, the machine will completely mimic the baby’s natural nursing behavior and allow mothers to get enough milk from each pumping session. This useful machine lets you extract enough milk for days to come so you’ll be able to feed the baby whenever you want.

And with its advanced and well-researched pumping techniques that also nourish and stimulate the milking system, you can extract more milk each time. Thus, giving the baby all the milk that he or she requires to grow up healthy and strong.

For more useful information, you can check out our following hospital grade breast pumps reviews, which cover all the important details regarding the product.


  • High-quality hospital grade breast pump
  • Reliable and equally comfortable
  • Remains quiet all the time
  • Prevents overflowing
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • The expensive price isn’t for everyone

Features & Benefits

Here in the Medela manual breast pump review, we’ll introduce all of its important features and discuss their specific benefits in everyday use. Thus, allowing you to further understand the product and how it might be helpful to you.

A high-quality hospital grade breast pump

Right off the bat, you can have the hospital grade breast pump available for use at any time. The product is well-tested and is always safe to use. Plus, thanks to the reliable build quality, you can always make the most of the product without any trouble.

All the collected milk will travel through clean interior pumping systems and into the secured and hygienic bottles. So you won’t have to worry about mold, bacteria, or viruses.

And most importantly, the machine will go easy on your breasts to keep you from feeling any pain or discomfort. Thus, allowing you to stay relaxed while continuously pumping the milk.

The machine is well constructed and properly designed

The machine is well constructed and properly designed Via: Amazon

Simple and easy to use

With the Medela hospital grade breast pumps, you can make use of the convenient single or double pumping options, which is always available for parents. Moms can quickly connect the pumping kit, which consists of everything you need to get started, to the machine and begin extracting milk.

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And while the machine is running, you can easily switch between the two modes of pumping and stimulating through a simple press of the let-down button. All the important information will then be displayed on the intuitive LCD screen on the front. As a result, you will know exactly what program the machine is running and make adjustments without any trouble.

You can easily get started with the convenient controls

You can easily get started with the convenient controls Via: Amazon

Helps stimulate and maintain breast milk supply

One of the major problems for the mothers is not having enough milk for her babies. Hence, with the Medela Symphony, you can really improve the pumping performance, thanks to its 2-Phase Expression technology.

Here, the Medela Symphony double pumping system helps to stimulate and maintain milk supply by mimicking the baby’s natural nursing patents and rhythms. Its operation consists of two different stages, in which the milk is initiated then steadily extracted.

This should ensure a steady milk flow for mothers while also helping to improve the overall amount of milk being produced. In fact, it was proven by Medela that at least 18% more breast milk can be extracted when using the machine.

The two-phase pumping technology will help to stimulate and control milk extraction

The two-phase pumping technology will help to stimulate and control milk extraction Via: Amazon

Always protect from overflowing

And to prevent overflowing, the Medela breast pumps Symphony is also protected by the advanced Symphony breast pump kit, which helps to maintain a steady flow of the extracted milk.

All the collected milk will be safely stored inside two pumping bottles that can be both easily dismounted or securely connected to the system. Plus, thanks to the innovative and specially designed membrane, the machine will prevent any overflowing problems.

Effective, comfortable, and always quiet

The machine can work well while remaining absolutely silent

The machine can work well while remaining absolutely silent Via: Amazon

By using the Medela Symphony, moms can be extremely happy with its efficiency and comfort. With well-calculated designs and high-quality construction, you can easily extract milk from your breasts and in a much shorter time period.

And most importantly, thanks to the Maximum Comfort Vacuum technology, which helps to stimulate and regulate the pumping operation, you can enjoy complete silence when working with the machine. This will definitely help new parents when they need to get the milk ready during late nights or early mornings.

Keep track of all important information

With the premium Medela Symphony, you’ll get amazing features that aren’t even available on many other generic products. And the Symphony 2.0 Program Card is certainly one of those. Here, the machine comes with an advanced computer chip that helps to store all information regarding the device usages and pumping program. Thus, allowing you to check on those whenever needed.

Always keep track of important information with the built-in program card

Always keep track of important information with the built-in program card Via: Amazon

Trust in the well-known brand

Aside from all the impressive features that were mentioned in our Medela Symphony breast pump review, the brand itself has always been a well-known name for parents.

With the help of many experts on breastfeeding and some dedicated research establishments, the company has been ranked the first breast pump brand in America.

Most doctors that I’ve worked with also recommend the product, along with other recommendations from friends and family. So you can always trust in Medela’s quality and reliability.

You can always trust in Medela’s quality

You can always trust in Medela’s quality Via: Amazon


For those of you who are still not satisfied with our Medela Symphony reviews or if you have other needs and priorities, especially if you don’t wish to pay the premium price of the Medela Symphony, then we also have other worthy alternatives for you.

The following list features three of the best breast pumps for parents that clearly standout from other models. With great function and usability, they can easily help you with milking. And their great pricing should make them wonderful choices for most parents.

Feel free to check them out in the couple of brief reviews to learn more about these products.

#1- Spectra Baby USA - S1 Plus Premier Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

Enjoy comfortable uses with the portable unit

Enjoy comfortable uses with the portable unit Via: Amazon

It is considered one of the best mid-range breast pumps, thanks to the reliable functions and convenient uses of the machine.

With a closed system, the Spectra Baby USA will allow you to comfortably pump milk from your breasts without worrying about bacteria, mold, or viruses. Also, by maintaining a clean system, you will not have to work too hard when it comes to  the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

Thanks to rechargeable batteries, you can use the mobile unit whenever you need. And the recharging time won’t take long before you can start using the machine once again.

Feel free to customize the pump’s settings that will let you adjust the suction and pumping cycles, along with many other accessible features.

#2- Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

Get adequate features at a suitable price with the machine

Get adequate features at a suitable price with the machine Via: Amazon

If you’re looking for a cheaper model with all the features of the Spectra Baby USA S1 Plus, then the Lansinoh Signature Pro is definitely a worthy option.

Here, despite its small size, the machine is still capable of producing hospital strength suction, which will allow you to get enough milk for your pumping action. And then efficient pumping techniques should improve the milking performance.

You can choose to work with 3 different power settings to make the pumping operations more suitable and comfortable. Use this to regulate the pumping actions if you feel like it.

And always enjoy the absolute comfort from the ComfortFit flanges, which offer soft and flexible rims that will always form fit to  a mom’s skins while keeping them completely sealed.

#3- Eccomum Electric Double Breast Pump

You can make uses of the different mode controls

You can make uses of the different mode controls Via: Amzon

And last but not least, for the budget users who don’t wish to spend too much on their electric breast pumps, this product from Eccomum is certainly a great choice.

With an unbeatable entry price and many useful features, the machine will allow parents to prepare enough milk for their babies while still keeping moms comfortable.

The Electric Double Breast Pump from Eccomum comes with 4 adjustable modes that lets you quickly change the pumping actions.

You can choose to massage your breast to stimulate milk production, enable the normal or continuous suckling, and work with the useful frequency conversion.

All the pumping modes are properly calibrated to ensure their performances without hurting the mom. And the built-in touch screen will allow you to comfortably work with the settings and know exactly which mode  you are in.

Also, the anti-backflow design will make sure that all the milk is collected and securely stored into the bottle. Thanks to the complete silence, parents can have their infants sleeping comfortably while working with the machine. 


For most moms, it’s not easy to always have your milk ready for the baby. So using an electric pumping system is definitely a wise choice. And if you’re still looking for a suitable model, then our Medela Symphony reviews are certainly helpful.

With its impressive features, along with the hospital grade quality and reliability, the product will definitely help parents in preparing milk for their babies.

Also, if you’re looking for other products, our list of the worthy alternatives will provide many useful options regarding your different priorities.

Feel free to consider the Medela Symphony and other products from our Medela Symphony reviews. Click on the following link to check out the product whenever you want. 

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