Leatherman Super Tool 300 Multi Tool Reviews - Leatherman Super Tool St 300

Leatherman Super Tool 300: Best Rated Heavy Duty Multi Tool

Dec 30, 2020

In a fast-moving world, having a mini-tool box is handy. Often, where we work is far away from our toolbox, and that's why you need a rigid but also portable multi-tool. Our Leatherman Super Tool 300 reviews will give you details about the design, tool features, build quality and our general ratings of the product.

Leatherman Multi Tool 300: From the original to Super Tool 300

Before we get to the updated classic Super Tool 300, let's learn a bit about its predecessors. The Leatherman Multi Tool 300 is the third in a family of Super Tool. It’s one of the largest and toughest multi-tools ever made.

The first Super Tool was made in 1994 and discontinued in 2001. They were replaced with the Super Tool 200 that came out in 2001 and ran until 2005. After that, the Super Tool 300 is the updated and improved version of its two relatives.


Lock Feature
Light weight

The Super Tool is made for Construction and Industrial trades, where more robust and more extensive tools are in high demand. They come with a full tool set with locking tool features that has made Leatherman famous.

The original Super Tool was a ground-breaking product for Leatherman. It worked well but needed some improvements such as having to move a tool 90 degrees to unlock another device. The Super Tool 200 had a few updates, one of which is the locking system. Leatherman also included a serrated blade in the second version, which helped you get a clean cut on flat surfaces.

The Leatherman ST 300 features further improved and larger handle cut-outs were added for better usage with gloves. It also has removable cutters which are popular with tradesmen or anyone who loves a heavy-duty multi-tool. The ST 300 is a high quality multi tool that offers great accessibility and durability.


The heavy-duty award-winning Leatherman supertools have been around for more than 20 years. The working men rated it as a sturdy multi-tool that can endure most of the jobs. This product is definitely for the hard-working handymen, electricians and builders. It is heavy, tough and indispensable.

There are two colour options for the Leatherman ST 300: stainless steel or black

There are two colour options for the Leatherman ST 300: stainless steel or black Via: Amazon

Although the ST 300 weighs 9.6 ounces, it is lighter than a few other full-sized tools on the market. It also gets all the jobs done, no matter how tough it is. There are two colour options: stainless steel or black.

This super tool is made with stainless steel and is incredibly corrosion-resistant. Being the third generation of the Super tool family, the ST 300 is built to last.

Here are some pros and cons of the ST 300 for your quick observations.


  • Stainless steel is corrosion resistant
  • Extremely sturdy pliers
  • High quality built
  • Versatile & durable design
  • Comes with a leather pouch
  • Locking tool system
  • Larger handle cut-outs
  • Locking mechanism ensures safety
  • Replaceable wire cutters
  • Larger handle cut-outs


  • Slightly heavier than average

Now let's look at some features and specs of this exceptionally-built multi-tool.



The Leatherman 831102 includes a set of 19 useful tools:

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Replaceable wire cutters
  • Replaceable hard-wire cutters
  • Stranded wire cutters
  • Electrical crimper
  • Wire stripper
  • Straight edge knife
  • Serrated knife
  • Saw
  • Awl with a thread loop
  • Ruler (9 inches)
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Wood/metal file
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Large screwdriver
  • Medium screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver

Let's go through a few primary tools that we have tested so far.


Leatherman Super Tool 300 features a needlenose and regular pliers

Leatherman Super Tool 300 features a needlenose and regular pliers Via: Amazon

The needle nose pliers are great for gripping and moving objects in tight spaces. Both the regular and needle-nose pliers have excellent gripping capability. They are also the tools most l used by homeowners for maintenance tasks.

Replaceable wire cutters

Leatherman 831102 has replaceable wire cutters

Leatherman 831102 has replaceable wire cutters Via: Amazon

The Super Tool 300 features replaceable steel wire cutters so you can easily replace or re-sharpen them without having to buy a new one. The multi-tool is a very affordable way to fix any damage.

We find the cutters deliver clean cuts for everything, from light gauge wires to cable zip ties. Leatherman Super Tool 300 reviews highly praised this feature, which allows you to extend the life of your wire cutters.

Knife and Saw

420HC stainless steel knives of the Leatherman Super Tool 300

420HC stainless steel knives of the Leatherman Super Tool 300 Via: Amazon

This multi-tool includes a straight-edge blade, a serrated knife, and a saw. All of the knives are made from 420HC stainless steel. This material makes your blade stronger and holds an edge longer. The knives and saw are also extremely resistant to any wear and tear damage.

The knives are about 3.2 inches long and sharp out-of-the-box. They can cut anything from ropes, fibers or other materials. The saw is made with loose teeth so no material will get stuck into them while sawing.


Leatherman super tools include four screwdrivers

Leatherman super tools include four screwdrivers Via: Amazon

There are three flathead screwdrivers and a Phillips screwdriver. They work well when assembling a dresser, a desk or vacuum cleaner. The screwdrivers are locked in when in use to prevent any risk of slipping and stripping the screw. The flatheads are designed with sharp edges so users should all pay attention when operating the screwdrivers to reduce any chances of scratching the surface.


Unlike other modern multi-tools in the market, Leatherman ensures that your super tool features a useful awl to punch into thick materials. The awl is an all-time favourite because it can be used for drilling into wood or when you need holes to sew something together. The Leatherman 831102 even includes a thread loop for emergency sewing repairs.

Bottle/Can Opener

You can easily open a can of ice-cold soda or baked beans with the bottle opener and can opener. The Leatherman multi tool 300 has protective features to push all sharp edges of the opened can inside the rim. This way you do not have to worry about cutting your hand while trying to open a can of tomatoes.

Material & Design

Leatherman multi tool 300 is made from stainless steel, which provides excellent protection to all wear and tear. They are available in two colour options: stainless steel and black oxide.

The tool is designed in a standard butterfly shape with all internal mechanisms, which means you can access the tools after the handles open up. Each tool is designed with a safety lock to reduce the risk of opening a different tool while using one.

The cut-out handle is larger, making it easier to grip and hold the tool. In our opinion, the ST 300 is the best Leatherman multi tool with a classic yet modern design best suited for heavy machinery mechanics, electricians and home DIYers.


The Super Tool 300 weighs 9.6 ounces, but given that it features 19 tools, the weight is not excessive. Compared to other heavy-duty Leatherman tools, it is not the heaviest model. With 19 different tools, this tool can be difficult to carry with you all the time, but it gets more challenging tasks done. A lot of owners do not see the weight or size as an issue and they claim you get used to it over time.


Leatherman supertools are made from 420HC stainless steel. The product is one of the most resilient multi-tools in the heavy-duty category. Many owners have stated that they used these tools for more than five years without having to replace it.

This super tool can tackle any job and handle long-term use. If you do have a manufacturing issue, it can be replaced or repaired thanks to a 25-year warranty. You can trust the product and be sure you made a good investment knowing the company will honor their warranty and provide assistance to any issues.


After considering all the specs and features of the Leatherman ST 300, we believe that it offers good value. Despite being a bit more expensive than your average mini multi-tool, it can withstand years of usage with almost no damage. The tool provides extremely stable features and functions that are worth every penny you invested. If you prefer quality over price, then the Leatherman supertools are the best options for you.

Leatherman Super tool 300 vs Wave plus

Leatherman Super tool 300 vs Wave plus comparison

Leatherman Super tool 300 vs Wave plus comparison via: Amazon

In the same heavy-duty range, Leatherman also offers another product called the Wave Plus. We have tested the Leatherman Super Tool 300 vs Wave plus and here are what we found:

The Wave plus weighs 8.50 oz, a bit less than the ST 300. Wave offers 17 tools, whilst the Super Tool has 19. The ruler on the ST 300 is 9 inches, which is slightly longer than the 8-inches one in the Wave plus.

Both products are built to Leatherman's standard: durable, sturdy, and balanced. These are both on the heavier side, so we do not recommend carrying them around in your pocket all day.

Leatherman supertools are best suited for home improvement, and Wave plus is suitable for more outdoor activities. However, they are both made to last, and each has its unique features to fit all types of works.

Leatherman Rebar

The Leatherman Rebar is a compact, lightweight full-size multi-tool

The Leatherman Rebar is a compact, lightweight full-size multi-tool Via: Amazon

If you are looking for a less expensive version of the Leatherman multi tool 300 but still got all the necessary features, then the Leatherman Rebar is an option to consider. Weighing only 6.7 oz and half an inch shorter in blade length, the Rebar is like a little brother of the ST 300.

The Rebar features 17 tools that work just as well as the ST 300. All the tools are auto-locked, so you don't cut yourself while using one. Both products are suitable investments for your home improvements or DIY tasks.

The main difference between these two models is size. So if you want a more compact version, you can purchase the Rebar. If you love a bulkier look, then our bet is you'd love the ST 300 more.  

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#1- Leatherman Surge

Leatherman Surge is one of the best heavy-duty multi-tools

Leatherman Surge is one of the best heavy-duty multi-tools Via: Amazon

Heavy-duty multi-tool users cannot miss the Leatherman Surge and Super Tool 300 as they are essentially an upgraded versions of the Wave and Rebar respectively. They both come in a beefier design, built for when you need to tackle several hands-on jobs that an average multi-tool cannot handle.

Compared to the Leatherman ST 300, the Surge is larger and has more tools. It weighs 12.5oz with folded length at 4.5 inches. Some of the tools like the knives, saw and file can be opened from the outside while all the tools of the ST 300 are internal. The Surge is one of the biggest Leatherman multi-tools, with 21 well-built tools best for professional use.

#2- Victorinox Swiss Army Survival


Victorinox Swiss Army Survival is best for camping and hiking trips

Victorinox Swiss Army Survival is best for camping and hiking trips Via: Amazon

This model is a classic swiss army multi-tool which features 33 functions for camping or hiking trips. They are lightweight (6.5 oz) and made with stainless steel to provide smooth durability. The Victorinox Swiss Army is not for heavy-duty usage, but they provide you with knives and survival tools for long hiking adventures.

If you are traveling enthusiasts that need something versatile and useful, this tool will not let you down.

#3- SOG PowerLitre

SOG PowerLitre is a high-quality mini multi-tool

SOG PowerLitre is a high-quality mini multi-tool Via: Amazon

If you want something smaller and lighter, you can consider buying a SOG PowerLitre. They are mini multi-tools that will fit perfectly in your pocket. It weighs only 4.6 ounces and features 17 tools. On one side we have the 2.75 inches knife blade, a hook cutter, an awl, a flat screwdriver, and a corkscrew. The other side has a bottle and can opener, a Phillips screwdriver, and scissors.

Everything is smaller, but they work very well during testing. If you love to carry a lightweight but well-made mini multi-tool, then the PowerLitre might suit you best.

Final Verdict

We hope our Leatherman Super Tool 300 reviews have answered your questions on whether this tool is right for you. If you are a construction worker or a mechanic looking to buy a sturdy, reliable and high quality multi tool, we highly recommend the ST 300.

Happy shopping!

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