How to Use Bissell Crosswave: Must-Read for New Owners

How to Use Bissell Crosswave: A Complete Guide for New Owners

Jan 04, 2023
It might be the perfect choice if you want to mop and sweep your floors at the same time, but not knowing how to use the Bissell Crosswave may render those advantages useless.

On bare floors, it picks up dry debris and mops the floor at the same time. When you move to your high-traffic area rugs, the multi-surface brush roll will be put into use to deep clean and bring a fresh look to your house.

If you think reading Bissell’s user manual and watching online videos don't help much, read on to figure out how to use Bissell Crosswave. For those who have only used regular vacuums, a wet-dry vacuum like this could be confusing and challenging to get used to.

How To Use The Bissell Crosswave


Assemble the Bissell Crosswave

Assemble the Bissell Crosswave

As a wet-dry vacuum, the Bissell Crosswave requires some additional steps to assemble all the parts together compared to regular vacuum cleaners. But fret not. We will walk you through this process.

  • The first component you should deal with is the handle. Slide it into the main machine until you hear a click.
  • Pour water into the clean water tank on the back of the Crosswave with your desired amount, following the steps laid out in the next section.
  • Align this reservoir with the grooves and slide it into the machine until it clicks.
  • To unwrap the cord for use, turn the quick release downward and remove the cord from the lower cord wrap.
  • Plug the power cord into a wall outlet (for corded variants), start the vacuum, and enable either the Rug or Hard Floor settings.
  • Lean the vacuum back, and you will see the brush roll begin spinning.
  • Press the trigger and hold it for a second so your machine can prime the cleaning solution and water.

Your vacuum is now ready to do its job. You should also attach the Easy Clean Tray that comes with the Crosswave.

This tray consists of a brush roll drying tray and a storage tray. It allows users to store cleaning products and tools between uses and serves as a place for the machine's brush roll to dry.

Assembling this tray is fairly straightforward. Line up the storage tray's arrows with those of the drying tray and slide them into your Crosswave.

When you're done cleaning, wrap the cord around the lower cord wrap and the higher quick release cord wrap.

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Fill The Clean Water Tank

The clean water tank of the Bissell Crosswave is installed on the back of the machine, positioned above the dirty tank.

The clean water tank

The clean water tank

Once you've figured out its location, lift it upward to remove the tank from the main machine.

Unscrew the cap before putting water into this tank. The volumes of water and formula used should depend on the area you need to clean. The clean water tank comes with two pairs of measuring lines to help you with this.

If you need to deal with an area smaller than 350 square feet, fill the tank with warm water to the first water fill line. Add your cleaning formula to the first formula line right above it.

If you have a large space (up to 700 square feet), use the second set of water and formula fill lines.

Note: use only warm water. Do not heat the tank in a microwave or use boiling water.

Replace and tighten the cap back onto the tank. Align the tank with the grooves on the back of the Crosswave and slide it into place.

Clean Your Floors With The Bissell Crosswave

Despite its multifunctional nature, the Bissell Crosswave isn't difficult to use. All you need to do is get used to it after buying it.

During the first few cleanings, this wet-dry vacuum could be a little confusing to operate. By following our instructions, you should get a good grasp of how to utilize it on multiple floor types.

Cleaning Modes

The first and most important thing you should be aware of is that the Bissell Crosswave offers two cleaning modes: rug and hard floor.

Understanding them is crucial to whether you can use your Crosswave effectively, as its performance and operation vary widely between the two cleaning modes.

How To Use The Bissell CrossWave On Hard Floors

Plug the power cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet. Press the Hard Floor button. Selecting this setting will turn on the machine in hard floor cleaning mode. However, the brush roll will not start spinning until you recline your vacuum backward.

Vacuum with the Bissell Crosswave

Vacuum with the Bissell Crosswave

Before each vacuuming session, press the solution spray trigger for about ten seconds to make sure the system is primed with the cleaning solution.

The Bissell Crosswave will illuminate some LED lights when you're holding this trigger. You will see some bubbles forming inside while the solution is flowing, thanks to the clear brush roll window.

When vacuuming your hard floors, apply the cleaning solution to them on both backward and forward passes by holding the spray trigger.

Can you use the Bissell Crosswave as just a vacuum? Absolutely.

If you feel there is too much solution already and your hard floors need to dry faster, release the spray trigger and continue cleaning the floors without dispensing additional solution.

If you face challenging stuck-on messes on hard floors, the Rug mode may help you get rid of them.

Activate the setting and hold the machine over the stubborn mess you need to remove. Hold the spray trigger and use short passes. The multi-surface brush will take care of the rest of the job.

To stop this brush roll, put the machine in an upright position. Press the Hard Floor setting again to turn off your Crosswave.

How To Use The Bissell CrossWave On Area Rugs

Many Bissell Crosswave reviews have recommended users test the Crosswave on a small area of their area rugs before actually cleaning them. Otherwise, you may risk damaging or discoloring your rugs.

The best way to do this is to find a hidden part of your rug for a test of colorfastness. You can also have a rough idea of how to clean shag rugs by checking the manufacturer's tag.

Follow the instructions printed on them, and make sure you don't use the Bissell Crosswave on area rugs made from silk or other delicate fabrics.

If your Bissell Crosswave's brush roll is too dirty after cleaning the hard floors, rinse it in the Easy Clean Storage Tray before moving on to the area rugs.

Turn on the machine by plugging it into a grounded outlet. Press the Rug button, which will turn on the machine. Pull the machine slightly backward to start the brush roll.

Similar to vacuuming hard floors, hold the spray trigger for several seconds to prepare the cleaning solution.

Use the Bissell CrossWave on area rugs

Use the Bissell CrossWave on area rugs

During cleaning, hold this trigger while moving the machine over your area rugs in forward and backward movements.

Remember that the Rug cleaning mode uses twice the amount of cleaning solution as the Hard Floor mode dispenses. Release the trigger if you think one pass with the solution is enough. This will make the area rugs dry faster as well.

Bissell recommends a routine of four wet passes and four dry passes with overlapping strokes to clean area rugs thoroughly.

Maintain The Bissell Crosswave

In addition to understanding how to use a Bissell Crosswave, it's very important for users to keep a regular maintenance routine with a wet-dry vacuum like this. It reduces the chance of your unit running into problems or giving a less-than-ideal performance.

Empty The Dirty Water Tank

Turn off the machine and unplug it from the electrical outlet to reduce the risk of electric shock and fire.

Remove the dirty water tank by pressing the recessed button located on top of it. Remember to hold the front handle when this button is pressed to pull away from the water tank.

Remove the top from the tank by holding it firmly on both sides and then pulling it upward.

Dump out the collected debris and dirty water. Clean the inside of the water tank by rinsing it. If it gets too dirty, use a towel or rag to wipe it clean.

Pull up the filter from the top of the tank to remove it. Then hand-wash it with water and mild detergent.

Empty the dirty tank

Empty the dirty tank

Located at the bottom of this top, the float helps prevent the tank from overflowing.

If it is about to fill up fully, the float is triggered and shuts down the suction motor of the Bissell Crosswave. This mechanism will then make a high-pitched sound, indicating that it's time to empty and clean your vacuum's dirty water tank. You should also clean this float by rinsing it.

Let all the parts of your Crosswave's dirty water tank dry completely before putting them back onto the machine.

Reassemble the tank when they are dry. Start with the filter. Simply place it back into the top of the tank, then attach the top back onto the dirty water tank.

Finally, angle the tank onto the main machine. Insert the bottom of the tank first, then push the top toward the machine until you hear a click.

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Clean The Brush Chamber and Brush Roll

Remove the brush roll window by holding it at the front and pulling it upward. Grab the brush roll's tab and pull it upward to get the brush roll out.

Rinse the brush roll and the brush roll window with warm water. Do not use a washing machine or dishwasher to clean the brush roll. If the chamber is dirty, use a towel or rag to clean it.

Let the brush roll window chamber and brush roll dry completely before attaching them back onto the machine.

Reinstall the brush roll by inserting an end to the right side of the foot and pressing the pull-tab down to lock the entire brush roll into place.

Align both tabs of the brush window with the foot's edges and press it down until you hear a click.

Clean and replace the brush roll regularly

Clean and replace the brush roll regularly

Maintain The Easy Clean Storage Tray

Place your Bissell Crosswave on its self-cleaning storage tray. Pour water into the tray until it reaches the MAX line.

Plug the machine in and press the Hard Floor button to start it. Recline your vacuum while not moving it from the storage tray. Let it run for about 15 seconds until it soaks up all the water in the tray. Repeat this step with more water as needed.

After that, remove the brush roll window by grasping the front and pulling it upward. Remove the brush roll by grabbing the tab and placing it upright in the Brush Roll Drying Tray.

When the brush roll is dry, install it back onto the machine by inserting an end to one side and pressing the pull-tab downward. Similarly, line up the brush window tabs with the edges on the foot and press the window into place.

You should store your Bissell Crosswave in the basement or a closet until your next use.

Make sure it's kept in a dry area without the risk of freezing. As this is a wet-dry vacuum, freezing could cause damage to the internal components of the machine and void its warranty.

Bissell Crosswave - How To Use It Properly

In order to avoid injury, electric shock and reduce the risk of fire. Please:

  • Unplug your Bissell Crosswave when it's not in use.
  • Do not modify the power plug.
  • Do not use wet hands to handle the machine, especially the plug.
  • Do not unplug the machine by pulling it.
  • Has the cord been repaired at an authorized center if it has been damaged?
  • Do not use this model outdoors.
  • Do not immerse the Crosswave in water.
  • Do not suck up the debris that is smoking or burning, including hot ashes, matches, or cigarettes.
  • Do not let children come near the machine, especially when it's plugged in.
  • Pay extra attention while cleaning stairs.
  • Keep all parts of your body away from the moving parts and openings of the machine.

How To Use The Bissell Crosswave: Final Words

We hope that with our guide above, learning how to use Bissell Crosswave has been made easier for everyone, including people who just switched from regular vacuum models. Pay close attention to how a wet-dry vacuum works, and you will enjoy all the versatility it brings.

Keep in mind that how to use the Bissell CrossWave Cordless or CrossWave Cordless MAX on carpets is similar to the steps laid out in this article.

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