Gerber Suspension NXT: The Best Value Choice for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Gerber Suspension NXT: Your Trusted Prepper Gadget

Sep 06, 2023

While your normal toolkits can be quite functional for heavy work, they are still a little inconvenient in certain cases when portability is required. As a result, users would love to have a suitable multi-tool as a means to solve their problems.

But since there are too many different products on the market, you’ll have a hard time finding the right tools for your needs. Hence, to save yourself some trouble, you might want to consider our Gerber Suspension NXT review.

Here, we’ll provide our complete insights regarding one of the best multi tools on the market. Thus, allowing you to truly understand its features and how they might benefit you.

In addition, if you are interested in other values, you can always consider our comprehensive list of worthy alternatives and see how they compare to this best Gerber multi tool.



About the Gerber Suspension NXT

The NXT is Gerber’s latest product from its suspension multi-plier lineup. And just like with the original Gerber Suspension, this new product comes with the same setup and quality that will satisfy most users. In addition, thanks to the more portable design with smaller frame and reduced overall weight, the tool will work better for EDC users.

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All the tools are properly designed and built so you won’t have any trouble using them. With a complete stainless steel construction featuring secured screws and locks, the unit can easily stand against the test of time.

Plus, the thoughtful mechanisms will make the product a lot more convenient and safer for users in most cases. And from my experiences of using the previous Gerber Suspension and through previous testing of the new NXT, their quality controls are to be trusted. Not to mention that it also comes with a relatively affordable price for most consumers.

All in all, the Gerber Suspension NXT Multi-Tool is designed for EDC purposes and should work well for users who need a pocket clip multi tool for their work. Judging from its collection of tools, users would find the product most useful for working with holes, woods, leathers, and likewise. And at the same time, the multi-tool also doesn’t lack features that will benefit you in casual daily activities.

An affordable yet functional model from Gerber

An affordable yet functional model from Gerber Via: Amazon


  • Great price for the values
  • Reliable product with trusted quality
  • Many useful tools to work with
  • Ideal for EDC purposes


  • Doesn’t support replacements for the plier

Features & Benefits

For those of you who are interested in this product, you’ll certainly find the following information to be extremely useful. Here in this Gerber Suspension NXT review, we’ll discuss the product’s features and their uses based on actual user experiences. Thus, allowing you to visualize the product and see how it might benefit you in many ways.

Focused tool pack for multi-purposes EDC uses

While still up to the challenge of the professional tradesman, the slimmer design and focused tool pack are ideal for both workers and EDC users.

To start with, you can enjoy working with the fully-featured plier with an added wire cutter for you to conveniently work with. The whole unit really feels solid and I didn’t find any problems on all conducted reviews. Just keep in mind that Gerber doesn’t offer replacement for this particular part.

As for someone who often finds themselves working with electronics, the complete set of screwdrivers in the Suspension NXT will make sure that you can easily work on your jobs. The product features the standard four-head screwdriver and a whole set of different flat-head ones with different builds and functions. Thus, enabling you to easily pick up or insert screws on all compartments. Also, the added wire stripper will make it easier when working with wires.

At the same time, the Gerber multi tool with pocket clip is also designed for everyday uses with many interesting and specific tools that you can use in certain cases. Here, you can use the file to work on your fingernails, have the scissors to easily cut through things, work on refining certain or use the small ruler to measure everything in inches and centimeters.

If you often spend your time camping, the prepper-focused tool pack from Gerber will make sure that you are well-prepared for any situations. Here, you can easily cut through stuff with the sharp and serrated blade. Feel free to use the can and bottle opener to get your canned foods and drinks opened.

All in all, you can actually rely on the product to complete most of your daily tasks thanks to the wide variety of tools that it offers.

The product comes with all the tools that you need

The product comes with all the tools that you need Via: Amazon

Useful mechanisms for safe and convenient uses

And to make the product safer and convenient when being used, Gerber has also integrated many thoughtful designs in their product to make it more functional.

Start with the useful spring-loaded mechanisms that is included with the plier and the scissors. These tools will automatically open up when being used so you won’t have to spend too much effort. Hence, you can keep your hand from feeling tired during heavy plying works or make sure that you have clean and even cuts when working with the small scissors.

Also, all the snapping tools are designed with outboard construction, which will allow users to easily pull them out whenever needed. And to make sure that the specific tools won’t bend or fall out of position, you can use the included lock to keep them in place, both when they’re being closed and opened.

The spring-loaded pliers will make works easier

The spring-loaded pliers will make works easier Via: Amazon

Lightweight and low-profile design

To make sure that the product is more suitable for everyday uses, Gerber also introduces a slimmer and lighter design on their Suspension NXT. With designs inspired by the original Suspension and the EDC applications, the slim butterfly unit is measured at only 4.25 x 1 x 4.25 inches and weighs at only 6.7 oz.

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This makes the product extremely portable and can easily fit inside your pockets. Simply take it out and make uses of the outboard tools to immediately tackle any unexpected tasks whenever you need.

The unit comes with a low-profile and compact design

The unit comes with a low-profile and compact design Via: Amazon

Easily carry with pocket clip

Speaking of which, along with the pocket-sized design, the included Gerber Suspension pocket clip will make sure that users can easily carry their tools around without any troubles. Use this to attach the item to your belt, pocket, or any suitable positions on the body. The sturdy and secured clip will keep the unit tightly attached and easily accessible in most cases.

The useful pocket clip will easily attach on your body

The useful pocket clip will easily attach on your body vVa: Amazon

Most tools are replaceable

Aside from the pliers, which doesn’t come with replaceable parts from Gerber, users can still change the outboard tools that are attached to the unit. The multi-tool is designed with four secured screws on the sizes, which you can take out and replace any broken or dull parts. This, together with the high-quality stainless steel construction, will provide adequate future-proof for the product.

Affordable price for all users

And last but not least, while the Gerber Suspension NXT is categorized at the sub $30 category, it still features great values for EDC users. Thus, making the product a desirable choice for most users regardless of their purposes.

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As you could easily derive from our Gerber Suspension multi tool review, the product is undoubtedly a great purchase from an EDC user’s perspective. But if you are looking for different features or other worthy options, our comprehensive list of the best multi-tools will make it easier for you. Feel free to consider them and make your own choices to decide what is the best multi tool.

#1- Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

While some of you might consider the NXT an upgraded version of the original with reduced weight and a smaller profile, the beefier build of the Suspension will give you more comfort when working on heavy tasks. And just like with other Gerber products, the original Suspension also features a great price that’s suitable for most buyers.

With 12 integrated components, the provided tools will make it as easy as possible for you to tackle many obstacles. The product features the same butterfly construction and outboard tools, which make it extremely accessible for users.

The open steel frame, while being significantly larger than the NXT, still features a relatively light weight, making it quite easy for users to carry and handle. Also, the package also comes with the useful nylon sheath, which will protect it from scratches and make it safer to store inside your pockets or bags.

For those who are looking to upgrade their tools for more demanding work while still wishing to maintain its portability, you’ll certainly find this one a great buy.

The original Gerber Suspension is never a lesser option

The original Gerber Suspension is never a lesser option Via: Amazon


If you really care about the amount of tools and their vast applications, you will certainly find the awesome design of the leatherman free p4 to be quite desirable. Here, the company has managed to insert 21 different tools inside one solid unit, making it extremely functional and useful in various cases. You can use the product for EDC, home, work, and many other jobs.

The entire multi-tool was designed with great thoughts, which would help to utilize its functions and your overall experiences. Start by enjoying the convenient one-handed operation, as it allows you to easily open and work each different tool with one hand. And thanks to the magnetic locking mechanisms, all the opened or closed tools will stay in their place, despite any effort to shake them out.

And last but not least, by spending on a premium purchase, you’ll also get a high-quality multi-tool of reliable quality. In addition, with the 25-year warranty, you can rest assured knowing that your purchases are always backed by Leatherman.

Feel free to check on our Leatherman Free P4 if you wish to learn more about the product and its interesting insights.

 The high-quality products from Leatherman is always to be trusted

The high-quality products from Leatherman is always to be trusted Via: Amazon

#3- LEATHERMAN Skeletool

And last but not least, if you were to compare the Gerber Suspension NXT vs Leatherman Skeletool, you’ll definitely find it difficult to separate the two. They both come with an extremely portable design for EDC uses and adequate tools, which would make your daily tasks a lot easier.

The only difference is that the Leatherman comes with 7 different tools, which is a little less impressive. But considering that all the tools are properly designed and will be extremely beneficial during most of your daily activities, the additional tools might not be entirely necessary.

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Plus, with Leatherman’s products, you’ll also get an impressive 25-year warranty, which will give you peace of mind when purchasing the product.

But still, with the Skeletool being almost twice as expensive, budget users can always go for the Gerber NXT if they want a more affordable model while still keeping the performances.

The Leatherman Skeletool is a real challenger to the NXT

The Leatherman Skeletool is a real challenger to the NXT Via: Amazon


For EDC multi-tools, portability and accessibility are always more important than the number of tools that you can get. And with the Gerber Suspension NXT, users can get the best of both worlds with their portable and functional multi-tool unit.

Not only is it lightweight and small enough to easily fit inside your pocket, but the multi tool with belt clip also features a convenient toolkit, which will help you solve many daily and work problems with ease.

Hence, if you are interested in our Gerber Suspension NXT review, feel free to click the following link to start making your purchases.

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