Dyson Cyclone V10 Stick Vacuum Review: Absolute Vs Animal Vs Motorhead

Dyson V10: Is This Stick Vacuum Worth Your Spending?

Dec 08, 2020

So you’re looking for a stick vacuum and asking which stick vacuum is the right one for you? While this is a common question, there is not a straightforward answer for everyone. Choosing what model to buy is pretty much a matter of personal preference.

While the best one for yourself should fit your needs, budget, and house floor plan the best, Dyson V10 performs admirably and has won lots of users’ trust in different countries. However, the price of this ray gun-shaped vacuum might leave you wondering whether it’s worth spending.

Our Dyson V10 review will take you through all of the nuts and bolts of V10 machines and provide an in-depth analysis of its essential features. Besides that, we will also compare three models of Dyson V10 series towards the latter part of our review.


Suction power
Quality of material
For stairs
For deep cleaning

After reading this article, you will have all the information you need to answer the question posed above yourself. Now, let’s dive right in!

The Dyson’s Cyclone Technology

Dyson - a UK-based manufacturer is one of the most popular vacuum brands. Dyson is well-known for its innovative cyclone technology, which is embedded in many of its latest models. Cyclonic vacuums have impressive suction power while, at the same time, reducing microscopic particles in the airflow.

Dyson arranged 14 cyclones motors around the center of its latest vacuums - such as the V10 model - allowing air to flow more efficiently through it. When the cyclones motors contract, the air is accelerated to 120mph, creating strong forces to capture even the smallest particles.

The Dyson V10 series

Dyson is a reliable manufacturer that has earned customers’ satisfaction for years. When it comes to stick vacuums, Dyson has a few models that have stood the test of time.

Dyson V10 is one of these models. It is the successor of V7 and V8 - two popular stick vacuum series of Dyson a few years ago. 

V10 is a series of several machines. Three of those are Dyson V10 Absolute, Dyson V10 Motorhead, and Dyson V10 Animal, which will be compared later in this Dyson V10 review.

All three cordless versions of V10 are easy-to-use, lightweight stick vacuums. Dyson designed these machines with users' convenience in mind as they are convertible models that can transform into handheld machines in a split second.

Dyson V10 is a great choice to vacuum multiple surfaces. It is a meticulously designed performance orientated machine that is built to last.

Dyson V10

Dyson V10 Via: Amazon

V10 series pros and cons

Even the best machines have their weaknesses!This is why manufacturers keep upgrading their products to provide customers with more rounded home appliances. But let’s take a look at its pros first before going into its cons:


  • Compact and lightweight

  • Easy to use

  • Sturdy look & feel

  • Runs quiet (~70dB)

  • Excellent run time: 60 minutes

  • Impressive suction power

  • Floor heads work well on edges

  • Good size bin

  • Easy-to-empty bin

  • Many additional tools included


  • Have high price points

  • Loud on Max mode

  • Can be uncomfortable for some people when using as a stick vacuum to clean higher areas

Dyson V10 review

Key features

Dimensions and weight

Since the machine is convertible, we’ll go into the details of its different dimensions & weight in two modes: stick and handheld. Dyson V10 works exceptionally well as a stick and becomes an easy-to-carry device when you convert it into a handheld.

When the device is in stick vacuum mode, it is49.2’’ tall, and weighs 5.9 lbs. The cyclone's cleaning body is 6’’ wide, and 9.5’’ tall. The primary cleaning head is 9.8’’ wide and 2.5’’ tall.

When the machine is in handheld mode, its length depends on the tool that you use, but it is usually from 18-24’’. The unit’s height is 9.5’’, width is 6’’, and its weight is 3.4 lbs.

If you’re thinking of buying a light vacuum for your parents to use, Dyson V10 would be an ideal choice as its weight is suitable for the elderly.

Or if  you are young parents that want to get your teenage kids to learn how to do the housework step by step? V10 is fun to use; thus, it would encourage your teens to keep a clean house daily.

v10 absolute vs animal

V10 absolute vs animal Via: Amazon

Design and ergonomics 

When it comes to design, Dyson has long been the leader in the vacuum industry. But the Dyson V10 series has significant design overhaul, compared to previous V-series cordless machines from this manufacturer.

We would not hesitate to say that the manufacturer has taken their V10 vacuums back to the drawing board. This series of machines have shown a re-thinking of the overall design, as well as the performance upgrade thanks to cyclone technology.

Aside from the technological advancement in a well-thought-out design, Dyson V10 Absolute and its two siblings in this same series have a few other improvements:

Firstly, Dyson re-arranged the cyclone motors and bin in an in-line horizontal format, allowing users to connect their attachments quicker and more comfortably. Are you wondering what is useful in this new position? Well, this re-position also created a linear airflow, which leads to a significant improvement in suction power.

Secondly, the V10 digital motor is smaller, yet super powerful, extremely fast, and very light. Dyson's most experienced engineers used a phenolic molding compound, a material used in satellites, to ensure its motor’s resilience and smooth vibration.

Take a look at the video below  to see how Dyson has reinvented its digital motor:

Thirdly, Dyson has redesigned the impeller by using p.e.e.k (polyether ether ketone) and carbon fiber composite, which are found in high-intensity pistons. If you’re curious about why they chose this material, the answer is all about the enhancement of airflow for your vacuums.

Last but not least, Dyson used ceramic to create a stiff shaft that can cope with speeds of 125,000 rpm (revolutions per minute). While other manufacturers use steel for their shafts, Dyson uses ceramic for its V10 series. Ceramic is three times harder than steel, which is the perfect level of density for optimal performance.

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Impressive suction power

Most vacuum shoppers would probably reach out for corded vacuumss if they need to clean their houses with consistently high power. In other words, customers typically think that corded machines are more powerful than their cordless counterparts.

But Dyson engineers seem to be keen on changing this customers’ perception. They have significantly improved the suction and power of the V10 series. The machines deep clean any surfaces quickly and effectively. You can now keep your house in excellent condition effortlessly.

Thanks to the design renovation, the machines’ cyclone, motor, and bin, are aligned. This improvement provides a better alignment for air to go into the cyclones, creating 20% more suction strength than Dyson V8 vacuums.

Dyson V10 has three suction modes, suiting your different cleaning needs on any floor types:

  • • Suction mode 1: is dedicated to vacuuming those hidden corners on multiple surfaces. Since the motor is above the handle, users can use these machines for high or hard-to-reach spots. So keep every inch of your house clean, from cabinet tops, ceiling fans, blinds to window frames and many more other places.

  • • Suction mode 2: lets you clean different floor types with additional power. Whether your house is hardwood, low carpeted, high carpeted, or a mix of different floor types, Dyson V10 will ensure that they are all clean.

  • • Suction mode 3: is the boost mode, which allows users to clean intensively.

All three these cleaning modes are operated via a soft-touch trigger, designed to avoid battery wasting when the vacuum is idle. This feature is especially helpful when you are using the machines on their boost mode.

Even though we love this trigger control, we find it a little inconvenient to keep pressing the trigger the entire time of the cleaning process. Also, it’s easy to forget this trigger and let it go. So we hope Dyson will provide alternatives to this feature with its future models.

Hygienic bin

Once home appliances are designed with utility in minds, you’ll notice their users' convenience in even the smallest details. The Dyson V10 is such a device. Its bin has significant improvements in terms of position as well as size and hygiene.

Together with the cyclone, Dyson changed the position of the V10 series machine’s bins to a horizontal position. Now it connects with the motor. What is more, it is 40% bigger than the Dyson V8’s bins, giving users much larger dust capacity.

Besides, its bin is now more hygienic to empty thanks to the pin-and-shoot emptying mechanism. All you have to do is point the release handle downwards, then pushing the ejection lever. The bin is ready to release within one push of the red bin release switch under the unit.

Users do not need to touch the dust and debris, as the upgraded design of these machines hygienically drives dirt into your trash can in one smooth action. Therefore, you are less likely to inhale dirt from the discharge process.

A smart filtration system

Dyson used an airtight gasket to cover around its V10 vacuum' cyclone assembly. Plus, V10 also has a pressurized rubber seal installed around its filter. Thanks to this unique feature, the whole machine is fully sealed, which prevents dust and allergens from leaking back into the air.

If you or your family members are allergic to pollen or suffer from other respiratory illnesses such as asthma, pneumonia, or lungs-related diseases, Dyson V10 vacuums are the right choice. Their filters are capable of capturing 99.97% allergens in the air, even the ones as small as 0.3 microns in size.

Ease of use


V10 vacuums can quickly convert to handhelds in one click, making it an excellent device for speedy spill clearance and quick touch-ups. Thanks to the versatility of V10, cleaning the interior of your car or boat is much more convenient.

If you are pet owners, you will know how hard it is to keep your house clean and tidy. Cats and dogs are lovely, but if there is one thing we do not love about them it is their hair. Convertible Dyson V10 vacs are handy devices to keep your house fur-free.

Parents with toddlers or preschoolers would also find V10 fantastic devices. Endless cleanups are made easy thanks to these high-performing handheld vacuums. Technology has improved different facets of our lives, and this is also true when it comes to daily cleaning tasks with high-end vacs like V10.

Re-charging dock

One of the most user-friendly features of V10 is its wall-mounted dock for re-charging and storage. You can simply drop your Dyson Cyclone V10 vacs onto the wall, and it’s just as easy as grab and go.

This dock also stores your tools, so they’re always handy. However, it has slots for two accessories only, so you’ll have to pick your most used attachments.

The last part of this video from Dyson below will show you how the V10 perfectly sits in its charging dock:


If you have come across other Dyson vacuum reviews before, you are probably aware that this market leader has a few outstanding canister vacuums. However, they are quite bulky and heavy for everyday use. Thus, most of them are not for occasional or insignificant cleaning tasks.

Being a stick vacuum, V10 is light and maneuverable; thus, easy to carry around. The motor and battery are at one end while the head is at the other end, making V10 a well-balanced device that all users would need for regular cleanups.

One of the very few cons of V10 machines is that they are uncomfortable for users when cleaning higher spots. If you have weaker wrists, holding these machines with one hand can be a challenge.

The alert system

Dyson recommends that its customers clean the filter every month. However, since we all have different vacuuming frequencies, how often we should wash the filters also varies. If your V10’s filter needs cleaning, it will alert you.

If there are problems with your battery, the red light will keep flashing. In case of faults occurring with the main body, the full red light will be on.

Noise level

V10 is relatively peaceful on suction mode 1 and 2, as its noise level range is from 72 to 75dB. However, when it is in boost mode, it comes in at about 84dB. Given this, if you are a homeowner with pets or newborns, using your vacuum on the lower modes would be a better idea.

Battery capacity

V10 is powered by a single energy-dense lithium-ion battery, which you can see in the machines’ base. It is a seven-cell, 525 watts battery pack with high capacity, allowing the device to run for about one hour.

In reality, how long you can use a fully-charged V10 vac will largely depend on whether you are using the device on low, medium, or max mode. Another point to note is that if you are using a motorized tool, your device will run out of battery faster.

Are you wondering what type of material is used in V10’s battery? Well, it is a nickel aluminum battery to ensure your vacuums’ optimal performance and durability.

Moreover, Dyson also utilizes an intelligent power management system so that your machines’ battery is long-lasting. There are also altitude sensors, enabling V10 to automatically adjust power to the cleaner heads accordingly so that the devices are fade-free.

For the best user experience, there are battery indicators in V10 models. They light up when the V10 vacuums battery is charged at low, medium, and high levels. The machines take approximately 3 to 3.5 hours to fully charge, compared with its predecessors - V8 -  which takes 5 hours to charge.


Maintaining V10 is relatively straightforward:

The key tools

Three main tools that need regular cleaning are the soft roller cleaner heads, the direct drive, and the mini turbo brush. You can either use a small-sized screwdriver or a 2 cent coin to twist them up.

For the inner parts, you will need to twist them open and use a dry paintbrush to brush around them to remove any hair or debris. While it’s quite an easy task to perform, it makes a huge difference to your vacuum's performance.

For the outside parts, it’s also simple to clean. We would recommend you use a soft microfibre cloth, run it under cold water, wipe them, and let it dry before use.

dyson v10 animal vs motorhead

Dyson v10 animal vs motorhead Via: Amazon

The vacuum itself

Simply press the red switch to release dust and debris from the bin, brush off the dust and give it a rinse. One important thing to note is that all of the rubber seals should be completely clean.

Dyson does not suggest its customers wash the bin since water can get stuck inside the seals and cause problems. However, if you know what you’re doing, then do what you think is best. Alternatively, you can always use a damp cloth to clean it.

For the filters, just rinse it under water, and wipe it off. We can’t stress enough how important it is to let it dry before putting it back. From our experience, you might need to leave it aside for at least 24 hours from washing it so that it is completely dry.

You can check out this video to see Dyson’s recommendation on how to release dust and wash the filter:

The battery

Dyson recommends that its users replace the battery every 2 or 3 years. So when you notice that the runtime is down, it’s about time to get a new battery for your vacuum.


  • • Dyson V10 comes with many tools, allowing you to perform various cleaning tasks with ease

  • • Motorized brush roll: helps you to pick up hair and ground-in dirt in small and hard-to-reach spaces

  • • Crevice tool: is capable of targeted cleaning of edges and narrow gaps between a sofa or car chairs

  • • Mini soft dusting brush is designed to clean delicate surfaces and fabrics thanks to its soft nylon bristles 

  • • Torque driver cleaner head: is only available on Dyson V10 Absolute and Dyson V10 Animal. It has a brush roll that spins 60 times per second, making it an indispensable tool on all floor types, especially carpets. 

  • • Fluffy Soft Roller Brush Roll is a floor cleaner head specially made to remove small and large pieces of debris on hard floors and surfaces.

  • • Soft roller cleaner head uses a roller instead of a brush bar with bristles, which means it captures fine dust and large debris simultaneously. It excels on hard floors thanks to a direct drive inside the roller itself, allowing you to clean with little effort.

  • • Combination tool: lets you switch between two devices to tackle dirt and debris on multiple surfaces. You can use it as a soft dusting brush or a hard nozzle. There is a light grey button on this tool, which allows you to slide between the two, depending on your cleaning needs.


On carpet

V10 sucks up dirt from deep within carpets, thanks to its torque drive cleaner head. It digs bristles deep into the medium and high-pile carpets to dislodge dirt. Are you worried that this accessory might use up a lot of your battery run time? Fret not! You can vacuum for 35 minutes fade-free with this tool.

On hard floors

Dyson V10 has a strong performance on hardwood floors. It picks up all kinds of dirt quickly and effectively. Since its motor-driven brush bar is covered in soft woven nylon, the machine is gentle on hard floors, leaving no scratches.

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With pet hair

Dyson V10’s digital motors spin up to 125,000 rpm, giving it the power to deep clean pet hair, paw prints, and pets’ dead skin with ease. Since the motor is housed inside the brush bar, it lifts pet hair and dander from carpets, upholstery, cushions, and other surfaces.

Homeowners with pets might need to use suction mode 2 of V10 machines to clear up messes and debris that their four-legged friends leave behind. One of the biggest questions that they might ask is whether this medium power mode consumes lots of battery run time.

Dyson claims that you can have 20 minutes of fade-free run time in this suction mode. So you can fully enjoy the company of your fluffy pets while keeping your house in a good condition everyday.

Dyson Cyclone V10 model comparison

As briefly mentioned above, there are three key models in Dyson V10 series, and this section of our Dyson V10 review will compare Dyson V10 Absolute vs. Animal vs. Motorhead.

In terms of functions, all these three versions are quite similar to each other. They have the same suction power, use a similar digital motor and battery. The first key difference is the size of their dust bins. The second point of differentiation is the number of accessories included in each version.

Dyson V10 Absolute and Dyson V10 Animal have the same-sized dustbins. The former provides users with a few more tools while the latter includes almost the same quantity of accessories.

Dyson V10 Animal is, true to its name, an excellent choice for homes with pets. Pets love to snuggle anywhere in the house, especially the sofa and upholstery. Thanks to many handy accessories, especially the mini motorized brush tool, the V10 Animal makes vacuuming a home a lot more manageable.

Dyson V10 Motorhead has the smallest dust bin capacity among the three and only includes necessary accessories. Besides, it is also the lightest cordless vacuum among the three.

The below table will provide you with a side by side comparison. It will better explain the price points difference between the three versions as well.


Features and included tools

Dyson V10 Absolute  Dyson V10 Animal  Dyson V10 Motorhead 
Run time  60 minutes  60 minutes  60 minutes 
Dust bin  0.2 gallons  0.2 gallons  0.14 gallons 
Weight (pounds)  5.9 lbs  5.9 lbs  5.5 lbs 
Digital motor  Yes Yes  Yes  
Power modes  3 3 3
HEPA filtration  Yes Yes Yes
Crevice tool   Yes Yes Yes
Mini motorized tool  Yes Yes No
Combination tool  Yes Yes Yes
Mini soft dusting brush  Yes Yes No
Docking station  Yes Yes  
Torque drive cleaner head  Yes Yes Yes
Charger  Yes Yes Yes
Fluffy cleaning head  Yes No No



Dyson V11 - A similar runtime vac with 20% more suction power

Dyson V11 

Dyson V11 Via: Amazon

Are you a fan of high-performing yet lightweight Dyson cordless handheld vacuum, but you are interested in a more robust model? If yes, then look no further! V11 is your perfect choice!

The machine’s suction is 185AW, compared to 140AW of the V10, which means you have more power in a reasonably similar design. Similar to the V10, the V11 can also convert to handheld vacs, allowing you to tackle different cleaning tasks with little effort.

Dyson V8 - A well-built vac with a lower price point

Dyson V8 

Dyson V8 Via: Amazon

If you’re keen on a reliable handheld vacuum, but the V10 is a bit over your budget, then the V8 is worth considering. Even though the V8 is older than the V10, Dyson also built it with the patented cyclonic technology, giving this handy device excellent suction power.

While the V10 has 60 minutes run time, the V8 offers users with 40 minutes of cleaning time. So if you do not live in a large house with more than two pets, then the V8 is an affordable vacuum with outstanding performance. Why not save around $200 on a more budget-friendly vac?


If you are looking for a compact vacuum cleaner, then don’t overlook V10 stick vacuums! They are generally smaller and lighter compared to traditional models thus accessible to transport and store. Thanks to their convenient weight and size, teenagers or the elderly can also use them.

As you can see from the Dyson V10 review above , theV10 is one of the latest cordless stick vacuum cleaners from Dyson. It is a terrific vac that has earned lots of excellent customer ratings on numerous retailers' sites. Dyson was so confident with the V10 that it has stopped developing corded models.

V10 works well on the hardwood as well as low pile and high-pile carpeted floors. With a wide range of accessories, homeowners with pets and toddlers can rest assured that their daily cleaning tasks are much more manageable.

If budget is not your concern, then Dyson V10 is definitely worth your spending when it comes to picking the best lightweight stick vacuum. It is a wise investment that makes cleanups an enjoyable experience.

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