Bissell 2252: Your Ultimate Guide To Better Home Cleaning

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet 2252 - An Affordable Vacuum For Pet Owners

Aug 28, 2023

Pet owners know how challenging it is to keep their house fur and mess free. Pets love to sit on the sofa and snuggle on upholstered chairs. Sometimes they might leave stains of muddy paws on your floors. While some of us choose to have dogs or cats breeds that do not shed as much as others, having a vacuum with good suction power to get rid of pet hair is still a must for any pet parent.

Do you think you have to pay a few hundred dollars to purchase the best vacuum cleaners on the market? Our Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet review will help you to answer this question yourself. Key features and some of the most innovative technologies of these machines will be reviewed in this post. More importantly, we will see how it performs on different floor types. So stay with us as we explore this vacuum in more detail.



Easy to assemble
Easy to use
Suction power
For cleaning up hair

While top-rated vacuuming brands on the market offer customers a wide range of pet vacuums, purchasing a reliable machine with a reasonable cost can be challenging. You might easily get bogged down on the claims of manufacturers as to products’ functions. As a result, you may end up picking an inappropriate product that does not fit your needs or budget.

Even worse, customers can be lured by the appealing look of machines and forget to focus on a reliable pet vacuum's critical features. So what are the key considerations that we recommend pet lovers to look for when buying a decent pet vacuum cleaner?

Well, suction power is one of the first details you will need to look at. Besides that, a high-quality pet vacuum should also include a high-performing brush roll.

Also, since pets are a member of our families, they enjoy our space just as much as we do. Therefore, their hair can be found anywhere in the house, from corners behind the fridge to our beds. Given this, we will need vacuums that includes a set of tools for pet hair.

But which brands make the best pet vacuums? Since our needs and preferences are different, there is not a straightforward answer to this question. However, you can hardly go wrong with machines made by well-known manufacturers on the market. One of those is Bissell.

Bissell - A pioneer brand in the vacuuming industry that thrives on innovative products

With a long heritage of more than a century of floor care innovation, Bissell is still a family-owned company that knows how relaxing it is to live in a clean house with your loved ones. The company has invested significantly in improving their products so that you can enjoy even the quotidian beauty of life rather than sweating over the small stuff around the house.

This manufacturer provides customers with a complete line of products, from uprights to handhelds, from sticks to robots. It has earned a reputation for machines of good quality and affordable price points.

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Top-rated Bissell vacuum cleaners provide you with decent suction strength to tackle dirt and debris on multiple floor types. When it comes to machines that can tackle pet hair effortlessly, Bissell also has a few vacuums that leave your house fur-free, enabling you to enjoy your lovely pets' companionship in a clean space.

You probably know what we are talking about! Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet upright bagless vacuum cleaner is one of the best pet vacuums from Bissell. In this Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet review, we will provide an in-depth analysis of this machine. But let’s start with its pros and cons first.

Bissell cleanview swivel pet upright

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet upright Via: Amazon

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet upright - Pros and cons


  • Low cost

  • Easy to move around edges

  • Good maneuverability

  • Useful pet tools

  • Reliable cleaning performance on different floor types

  • A large, easy-to-empty and hygienic dust cup

  • Five height adjustment levels


  • Bulky

  • Difficult to get under low furniture

  • Can sometimes get clogged while picking up large pieces of debris

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet review

Key features

Dimension and weight

The product measures 13 x 14 x 44.5 inches and weighs 17.71 pounds. We have read some feedback on the bulky design of this machine. In specific, some users say that the device is cumbersome. While this Bissell upright vacuum is not the lightest on the market, it is easy to maneuver, so we reckon its weight should not be a concern for most users.

It has a 27’’ foot long retractable power cord and an 8’’ foot long hose, which means you can have the versatility and mobility to move it to almost any corner in the house. Once you finish vacuuming, simply press the little button on the canister's left, and the cord will retract automatically. Bissell recommends its users to hold the button until the cord has fully retracted.

Suction power

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet is one of the lowest price Bissell’s pet upright vacuum, but this affordability does not equate to unreliable quality. The machine operates on an 8amp motor, which means the machine’s suction strength is decent, allowing you to tackle medium to heavy-duty cleaning tasks with ease.

If you’ve used vacuums before, you might know that losing suction over time is probably one of the biggest problems of vacuum cleaners. Bissell has solved this issue by using a multi-cyclonic suction mechanism that splits large and small pieces of debris from each other.

Are you wondering how meaningful this innovation is? Here is a simple explanation: the biggest reason for the suction loss is clogging. Once Bissell separates the two types of debris from the filter, the vacuum will be less likely to get clogged thus your machine’s performance will be much better.

More importantly, this unique multi-cyclone cleaning system also helps the filters last longer thus minimizing maintenance costs. We reckon pet parents will love this feature of this Bissell machine, as homeowners with pets tend to vacuum much more often than those who do not have fluffy friends in their house.

What’s better than having a pet vacuum that does it job well and saves your annual budget on keeping it in good condition?

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Bissell Cleanview 2252 does not have a HEPA filtration system that we’re used to seeing in many pet vacuums. So if you’re allergic to pollen or any of your family members suffer from respiratory-related diseases such as asthma, we believe it would be a better idea to choose other alternatives with a HEPA filter.

Instead, this Bissell vacuum has a multi-level filtration system to minimize the allergens and stops dust from going back into the air of your house when you’re vacuuming.

Suppose you do not insist on having a HEPA filter for your vacuum because of health concerns. In that case, this Bissell bagless pet vacuum is an excellent choice as its filter mechanism is more than enough for many users of different household sizes.

Design and ergonomics

This affordable upright pet vacuum from Bissell is genuinely designed with utility in mind. It has unique features to turn the most challenging vacuuming tasks into a more enjoyable experience. We will go through these features below, one by one.

Triple-action brush roll

As briefly mentioned above, aside from suction strength, a high-performing brush roll is one of the essential features that shoppers need to consider when buying a pet vacuum. Bissell Cleanview 2252 has a triple-helix brush roll, allowing it to excel in performance on multiple surfaces.

In specific, it effectively loosens, lifts and removes embedded dust and strands of pet hair from medium and high-pile carpet. The external bristles push dirt and debris into the path of this uniquely-designed brush roll, meaning you can clean the baseboards and other furniture more carefully and thoroughly.

Are you wondering if this triple-action brush roll works on hard floors? If most of your house floor is tiled or timbered, your worry is rational. But, fret not! You do not have to worry if this brush roll will leave scratches or gashes on your hardwood floors. The brush roll bristles rotate gently to pick up dirt and debris on timber surfaces.

Take a look at this clip to see how it works:

Swivel neck 

True to its name, the Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet upright bagless vacuum cleaner is installed with a swivel neck, allowing you to roll between and below furniture. You might not know what your vacuum can pick up under the couches, sofa, beds, or fridge until it does. It sucks up everything, from dust bunnies to crumbs, from your toddlers’ pencil leads to spider webs.

Pet lovers know too well that dogs and cats love to play hide and seek under the furniture. And whenever they come, they leave hair or messes behind. Thanks to the handy swivel neck from Bissell Cleanview 2252, you can rest assured that no parts of your floor will be left un-vacuumed, even the hardest to reach areas.

The swivel steering also enhances your machine's maneuverability, which means moving your vacuum around corners is much more comfortable. We also noticed that the motor is near the base of the vacuum, which means the center of gravity is low, adding to the ease of use for your Bissell upright. Besides that, carrying the dirt tank is hassle-free as there is a handle right above it.

The 13.5’’ wide cleaning path takes you much fewer passes to get the job done, on even the messiest areas of your space. So what does this mean? It significantly saves your vacuuming time! No more sweating after long cleanup sessions during the weekends, as you can clear things up quickly with Bissell Cleanview 2252.

We have come across a few comments from customers saying that the Bissell upright pet vacuum's bulky design makes it an uphill task to navigate in tight spaces. We believe this shouldn’t be a problem at all, since there is a suction hose and a set of attachments to clean hidden corners. We will review its accessories in the next section, so scroll down or read on for more details.

Scatter-free cleaning

Pets make great companions, but sometimes we are just too busy to clean up their messes. As pet lovers, we would never want to give up on these four-legged friends because they are too much to handle. Canine and feline give us so much love and laughter that life wouldn’t be the same if they are not around anymore.

Bissell seems to know how much pet lovers need their four-legged friends, so they have made Cleanview Swivel Pet an excellent machine for pet owners. Pets might leave messes after having their meals, so this vacuum includes two side brushes that capture messes on hard floors effortlessly.

Do you used to think that keeping your house mess-free while you want to have few pets around is a mission impossible? Well, think again then!

Edge-to-edge vacuuming

Cleaning up after pets can be an uphill task. There are many days when you come home after a long day only to find your house in a mess because your dogs or cats turned your space into a mini zoo. Regardless of how much you adore your warm, fluffy friends, sometimes you can’t stop thinking of letting them go...

The good news is that many vacuum manufacturers have put our tiring and all-consuming cleaning tasks into a painless mission. Bissell has included in their Bissell CleanView 2252 side brushes that bring dust from two sides into the suction inlet. This innovative design allows users to move their vacuum along edges, baseboards, and corners with ease.

Now there won't be a speck of dirt left undisturbed in your house! While many people think that keeping the house clean while having a few pets seems impossible, Bissell has changed our minds thanks to their well-rounded vacuums.


As mentioned above, Bissell Cleanview 2252 is equipped with several advanced technologies. Given this, the machine performs well on both carpet and hard floors. Specifically, it eats up all types of dust and hair on low and high pile carpet. However, this pet vacuum occasionally struggles to pick up large debris like cereal.

Regular maintenance will help to ensure the smooth functioning of your machine. Read on to find out more about how you can take care of this Bissell device.


Maintaining Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet is simple. Emptying the dust canister can’t be any more comfortable as all you need to do is bring it close to the dust bin and press the little button on its back. All of the dust and debris will fall into the bin. Now you only need to close the lid. So do you not need to touch anything inside the canister.

Its filter is washable, so simply rinse it under cold water, leave it aside until it dries, and put it back in. We always remind our readers to let the filter completely dry for at least 24 hours. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the motor. Even worse, chances are your filter eventually collects mold if it sits inside the canister when it is still wet.

The brush roll is also easy to clean: all you need is a small-sized screwdriver and a piece of cloth. Once you unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet, turn it over and remove the bottom cover to lift the brush out. Now you will need to clear up all of the debris and hair stuck inside. Also, remember to use a damp cloth to clean up two latches attached to the brush roll as they’re usually dusty.

Before putting it back in, we recommend you inspect it by trying to roll it a few times. The brush roll should spin a few times after a flick.

If it doesn’t, it is very likely that you haven’t cleaned it thoroughly enough, or it’s time to replace the brush roll. It is always available for quick delivery on Amazon with only around $20, but you will notice the machine’s performance will change significantly once you’ve got the new brush roll replaced.

Bissell Cleanview 2522 has a four-year limited warranty program that is applied for malfunctioning components. Customers might want to take note of the exclusions of Bissell’s warranty coverage. So this warranty does not apply to the maintenance of several parts such as filters, bags, or brush rolls.

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This Bissell bagless pet vacuum has quite a few tools to make your cleaning chores more manageable. We will review each of them right below.

  • Extension wand: a rigid tool that all vacuum cleaner users need. It increases your device's overall reach, allowing you to handle multiple cleanup tasks quickly and effortlessly. By combining it with other tools - that we review below -, you will have better cleaning results.

  • Crevice tool: extremely helpful for pointed suction. It can be quickly attached to the extension wand to add more length to your vacuum. Getting into awkward spots, hidden corners, or under furniture becomes more comfortable with this tool. Once you finish vacuuming, you can simply store it inside the extension wand.

  • Dusting brush: a non-motorized brush accessory to get rid of dust and spider webs from blinds, ceiling fans, high-up light fixtures, crown moldings. You can have the flexibility to use this tool with or without the extension wand, depending on where you use it.

  • Pet hair corner tool:  another non-motorized tool. True to its name, it is used to collect pet hair in corners. At first, this tool might not sound very useful for some users, but you will be surprised to see how much pet hair it can pick up from different hidden edges or corners in the house. You can attach this accessory into the wand to give it some extra reach.

  • Pet TurboEraser tool is a motorized brush tool to pick up accumulated pet hair from upholstery surfaces. This accessory is specially made to suck up stubborn, thin and long hair that usually sticks into a leather chair or sofa. It is also useful to clean up pet hair on stairs, where your furry friends jump up and down everyday.


#1- BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro - Somewhat similar machine, but can also be used as an electric mop on carpeted and hard floors 

Pets shed all over the place, but they also leave wet messes behind. During rainy days, they can sometimes become a lump of mud after being isolated indoors for too long. We would recommend dog lovers not to keep your pets at home all the time. Short walks will prevent them from getting restless when they’re given chances to run outside.

Also, we would always use a leash when going for a walk with our four-legged friends. By setting these boundaries, you would be able to prevent them from jumping and strolling into puddles, which they always love to.

Regardless of how many tips you can have to keep your house clean when the rain starts, you will still find yourself cleaning it more often. The excellent news is Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro can clean dirty spots and stains. You only need to fill the water tank with warm water and washing liquid. Now hit the power button! Nasty wet messes or big spills will disappear after just a couple of passes.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Via: Amazon

#2- BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind 27909 - A well-built machine with a tangle-free brush roll

One of the biggest annoyances that homeowners with pets have to deal with is getting rid of tangled hair stuck in the brush-roll aftermath. Many people have to use scissors to cut this wrapped hair, which sometimes takes even more time than the vacuuming task. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind 27909 is worth considering if you're among this group of vacuum users.

Its tangle-free brush roll prevents and eliminates long hair from wrapping around the roller. So your Bissell vacuum does not get tangled with hair. So far, Bissell is the only vacuum manufacturer on the market that offers its customers this unique feature in most of their pet vacuums.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind 27909

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind 27909 Via: Amazon

Like Bissell Cleanview 2522, this alternative also has an automatic 27’’ cord rewind that retracts itself, only by pushing a little button. Its Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System also lets you empty the dust canister without touching the contents.

If you are sensitive to pollens or allergens, this machine’s SmartSeal Allergen System would be a perfect option as this unique feature traps dust while you are vacuuming. So your air is free from small size particles. To add to the comfort of a fresh space, this vacuum’s Febreze Filter eliminates odors to freshen your home.

#3- BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner, 1986 - The best choice for carpet deep clean

If most of your house floor is carpeted and you have some restless pets running around, then BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro is probably one of the best vacuums that you can find on the market.

BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro

BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Via: Amazon

Its Dual Dirt Lifter Power Brushes is packed with 12 rows of rotating, delivering excellent cleaning power to remove accumulated stains, dirt, and stubborn spots from your carpet in no time. This device’s Express Clean Mode can get your low-pile and medium-pile rug dry in about 30 minutes. For the high-pile carpet and rug area, it usually takes around ten more minutes.

Thanks to a low profile, this powerful vacuum can get under furniture. So no area of your house will be left un-vacuumed. What is more, it includes a 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool that can work in both wet and dry mode to pick up pet hair, clean up stains, all one tool only.

Other than that, you should also consider the green Bissell vacuum - A portable carpet cleaner. With strong spray and suction, this little machine can remove nasty spots and stains on carpeted surfaces. If you have microfiber couches, chairs, and rugs, where pets love to sit in, this handy device would be of great help.


So which Bissell pet vacuum is the best? And is Bissell clean view 2252 or Bissell 2316 cleanview swivel pet vacuum the best? We hope our Bissell cleanview swivel pet review has provided you with ample information to answer questions posed above.

While Bissell has a wide range of vacuums for households with pets, this Bissell bagless pet vacuum might not be the first choice of many professional vacuuming experts. However, it comes at a compelling price point, and has stable performance. Last but not least, it has different accessories to handle multiple cleaning tasks with ease.

If you are in the market for a decent machine that is  affordable and durable, this Bissell clean view swivel pet vacuum is undoubtedly a great choice. Otherwise, we have briefly reviewed three other options above in the alternative sections. They are all high-rated vacuums that received positive feedback from customers.

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