Bissell 9595A Cleanview Bagless Vacuum With One Pass

Bissell Cleanview 9595A: Affordable King

Jul 17, 2023

Vacuum cleaners are undeniably the most useful tool when it comes to household cleaning chores. And despite the fact that there are many different types of vacuums for certain cleaning purposes, most of the time, you won’t need more than one appliance, if it’s the right one for you.

And the Bissell 9595A vacuum, with  convenient design and the complete set of functions, will certainly impress homeowners who’re in need of a universal cleaning tool on their homes.

Find out more about this brilliant product with our Bissell cleanview 9595A review, in which we’ll provide all the important facts regarding its features and how these will benefit you during yourdaily cleaning tasks.


Suction power
For cleaning up hair
Material quality

Things to consider before buying an upright vacuum cleaner

It’s tough to decide which type of vacuum cleaners you need for your home, as the market has already been saturated by different manufacturers and their endless lines of products.

However, if you prefer the comfortable cleaning posture on the upright vacuum, which lets you stand up while operating, instead of bending over like when using other types of vacuums, then this is certainly a deciding factor.

Also, since they often come with powerful motors and high-capacity dust containers, you will find that upright vacuum cleaners have better functionality when it comes to more demanding tasks. And most importantly, these models were designed with carpet cleaning in mind, so they’ll work best on your high-pile carpets by forcing the deep-rooted dust and debris out of your rugs.

But still, there are currently many different types of upright vacuums on the market, each with their own different designs and features. As a result, there are a few things to consider whenever you shop for your top rated vacuum cleaner:

Suction power

When going for a full-sized vacuum product like upright or canister models, you should think about the suction power first, as it would decide if your vacuum is powerful enough to perform the required cleaning tasks.

And to ensure proper performance, your upright vacuum should feature a power consumption of 1500-3000W. On other models, if you only see the ampere amount, simply multiply that amount with whichever voltages are available on your electric current.

Most conveniently, many new products will show their suction power with their specific air watts, which indicate the amount of air that can pass through the vacuum when it’s turned on. Usually, on your upright models, the right amount should be at least 100 air watts or more.

Good levels of suction will allow your device to function properly
Good levels of suction will allow your device to function properly


By getting the upright models, you’ll also sacrifice a lot of maneuverability for the enhanced cleaning powers and capabilities. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll get stuck with an unmovable piece of equipment that’s only able to work on certain areas of the house.

Instead, you still need a relatively lightweight, or at least movable, upright vacuum that you can carry around the house and attempt to use their other functions in trickier places. This also requires your device to feature a compact design and flexible handling, thus, allowing users to reach into narrow areas or under appliances and furniture.

And finally, to power up the strong motor, most of the time, your vacuum will need a long power cord that’s able to cover your entire room, with a length of at least 25ft. Also, having the built-in cord reel, will make it a lot easier for managing your long power cable.

Good maneuverability allows for convenient vacuum experiences
Good maneuverability allows for convenient vacuum experiences

Cleaner head

This is undoubtedly one of the key components on your upright vacuum, and you’ll only see it gets this big on an upright model. First, you’ll need to make sure that the cleaner head is well-reinforced and stable enough to stand on the ground, and be wobble-free. This will allow homeowners to casually and conveniently move their cleaner across rugs, carpets, and hard floors, without experiencing any difficulties.

In addition, the motorized roller brushes should all function well and be able to penetrate through the different levels of thickness on your carpets. Also, if you plan on performing multiple cleaning tasks on both carpets and hard floors with these vacuums, it’s important to have the adjustable height options so you can customize the cleaner head and better fit it to different types of debris. And if it’s possible, you need to make sure that the roller brushes can be turned off, so they won’t send debris flying all over the places while vacuuming on hardwood floors.

Upright cleaner head comes with roller brushes
Upright cleaner head comes with roller brushes


And to better compete with canister models, upright vacuums now features an additional hose, typically on the sides or back of your vacuum cleaners. This hose allows users to vacuum places that can’t be reached by the bulky cleaner head.

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At the same time, the products will also come with their own assortment of useful attachments to help you perform better in many other household cleaning tasks. So make sure that your new products comes with the most basic tools, which include the crevice tool and the dusting tool. Moreover, to improve your cleaning experiences, a smaller cleaner head should come in handy when vacuuming awkward places such as stairs, beds, or tables.

Multiple attachments will allow for effective cleaning
Multiple attachments will allow for effective cleaning Via:

Dust container

Most household upright vacuums nowadays come with a bagless design instead of the dust bags that you often see on commercial products. Here, you’ll have access to the convenient and cost-effective dust container, which can be emptied and reused multiple times. And when shopping for a new upright vacuum, make sure that your model comes with a convenient and functional design on their dust cup.

Typically, you would want a product with large capacity, usually 2L or more, so you can comfortably work on your entire house without having to empty the container, over and over again. However, to avoid having large debris and dust particles blocking the vacuum, the cyclonic vacuum feature should be a standard criterion when judging different products.

Also, make sure that your dust container can be easily emptied and cleaned, as you don’t want dust and hairs to fly all over the places whenever you open the cup. It would be nice if you can easily take out the dust container and disassemble the smaller parts, which will ensure a comfortable cleaning experience.

Most home upright vacuums come with a bagless design
Most home upright vacuums come with a bagless design


And finally, all vacuum cleaners should come with their own effective filtration system to prevent dirt from getting into the engines and avoid tiny dust particles from reentering the air, which can potentially affect your breathing, especially people with asthma or allergies.

This requires a multi-level filter system, and if possible, a high-quality HEPA filter would make a great addition to your vacuum, as it’ll help prevent up to 99.97% of dust particles. However, if you’re aiming for a budget device, it would be more reasonable to favor power and functionality, rather than the filters.

A complete filter system is always recommended
A complete filter system is always recommended

About the Bissell 9595A

With all the suggested features and functions, you should know by now what is the exact product that you would like to purchase. And if it falls in the budget-friendly category, then you would certainly find the Bissell 9595A cleanview bagless vacuum a great option for your specific cleaning requirements.

Here, thanks to its complete functionality and affordable pricing, homeowners will be completely satisfied with their choice. You can have the product suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks thanks to its powerful suction, or take advantage of the impressive maneuverability to easily work it around your houses. Not to mention that, with the fully-featured cleaner head and useful attachments, the device would impress most with its outstanding performances.

However, to cover for the lower pricing, the manufacturer had to make certain compromises in the designs and functions of the products, which will make it look quite cheap. First of all, complete plastic construction will make it less durable than other models. And the lack of HEPA filters is  a shame, but it’s not that important, considering the current price point that you are in.

All in all, for what you get and what you’re willing to put in, especially in this budget price range, you would still find this product from Bissell a great bargain.

The Bissell 9595A is suitable for budget uses
The Bissell 9595A is suitable for budget uses Via:

     ● Powerful suction to better suit your household cleaning tasks
     ● Lightweight and maneuverable design for comfortable use of the product
     ● A complete collection of useful tools and attachments
     ● Large dust container for consistent and convenient cleaning experiences
     ● Easy to use and clean with dismountable parts

     ● Build quality is only acceptable
     ● Tricky cable management

This is  a quick summary of the product’s key features, so you might want to take a look at our in-depth Bissell cleanview 9595A review to better understand the product.

Features & Benefits

For those of you who’re interested in this specific product, you’ll find our following analysis on the Bissell cleanview 9595A extremely important, as it  will allow you to better understand the product and make the right purchasing decisions, should you find the provided features quite useful, or vice versa.

Lightweight and maneuverable design

Right off the bat, you’ll find the vacuum’s box quite light compared to other vacuum models, weighing only 19 pounds. And as you open it, you’ll find the vacuum arrives unassembled. But it wouldn’t take long for you to put things back together as the provided instructions are quite easy to understand.

The completed product weights 15 pounds, which is still extremely light. So you won’t find yourself having too much of a problem working with it. Also, with the useful carrying handle on top of the dust container, you can easily move the vacuum across the room or on the stairs for your specific cleaning tasks.

Also, to assist consumers in vacuuming their large rooms, the product also comes with a long power cord which measures at 25ft. Hence, you’ll find it quite useful when moving around the houses with the product. There is no need to stop and switch the power cord every now and again, which can be pretty annoying.

However, kindly note that the product doesn’t come with the built-in cord reel, which will make cable management a little inconvenient. Here, instead of just pulling the power cord in and out, you’ll need to run it around the back of the machine. This is quite frustrating, especially when you need to quickly turn on the machine. But other than that, the external mount option does hold the wire properly, and you don’t have to worry if your spring-loaded cord reel runs in some problems.

And finally, the ergonomic handle and the stable bottom part will allow you to work comfortably and effectively on most flooring. But the oddly positioned power switch, in the middle of the vacuum and not the handle, can be quite strange to most people. But as far as performances go, you won’t find the design has any negative effects.

Impressive power and capability

And as we get to the vacuuming department, you can clearly see that this is where the Bissell cleanview 9595 shines.

To start off, the product is powered by a powerful 12A motor, that’s capable of providing great amounts of suction. Thus, you’ll find it functioning well on most of your carpets and floors, both with the cleaner head or the additional hose.

Also, to maintain a good level of suction throughout the cleaning sessions, the product offers its innovative brush design with different bristle lengths, so that users can achieve the same level of effectiveness when working on both their low and high-pile rugs.

On top of that, the motorized brushes with the forward and down motion will work the bristles deep inside your carpets. Thus, allowing the machine to pull out every piece of hair and dirt inside your rug. And the rest of the job will be finished by the powerful motor.

In addition, as you vacuum your carpets and floors, dust and dirt will build up inside your container, and potentially block the airways. This explains why most vacuums loose suction once they get relatively filled. But that’s not the case with the Bissell vacuum as the product offers the effective cyclonic action, which spins the air inside and forces large debris out of the way. Hence, you won’t find your machine losing suction, even when the dust cup gets fuller.

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And finally, to better serve your universal cleaning purposes, the cleaner head will offer the adjustable height options, so you can customize the vacuuming experiences for certain surfaces and types of dirt that you’re dealing with. For that reason, you can simply switch the height options between the 5 settings provided.

For dealing with dust and dirt on your carpets, you can go for the lowest height settings to effectively vacuum them up. On the other hand, for bare floors and larger pieces of debris, the height adjustments will allow you to avoid debris and dirt from flying all over the place.

The cyclonic action will guarantee consistent performances 
The cyclonic action will guarantee consistent performances Via:

Large dust cup with easy cleaning features

To allow for heavy-duty tasks, the large container with 2.2L of capacity will allow you to work on most areas of your house before you need to empty it. Thus, allowing for consistent and convenient uses of the machine.

Also, whenever you need to clean it, just simply hover the dust cup on top of your garbage bin and press the simple release button. Make sure to put the lid upside down to allow dust and dirt to effectively pour down inside. And if you find there is still some dirt remaining  inside the machine, it’s totally possible to disassemble the cartridge filter and get rid of the rest.

At the same time, you’ll also find the cleaning quite straightforward, as you only need to wash the plastic container and the foam filters. Leave them all to dry before you can put them all back, hassle-free.

The large and easy to clean dust cup
The large and easy to clean dust cup Via:

Useful attachments for better cleaning your house

And last but not least, to improve your cleaning experiences with the device, the useful attachments from Bissell will surely come in handy.

The product features a complete collection of tools and attachments that are enough to turn your upright vacuum into a completely functional cleaning device. And this is mostly thanks to the 4 included tools that you can have on this model:

    ● TurboBrush Tool – the proprietary brush will deliver more convenient and versatile experiences while cleaning with the Bissell vacuum, as you’re now able to work on awkward surfaces easily. All you need is to connect the tool with the available hose and begin to clean your stairs, furniture, beds, and cars, just like with a canister model. The small size and softer brushes will make the tool work well on many narrow and dedicated surfaces.

    ● Dusting brush – for dealing with dust and hair on certain spots, the dusting brush will allow you to easily work your way into the spot and effectively suck up whatever dirt that’s getting in the way. Also, the soft bristles will also make the brush extremely gentle on dedicated upholsteries.

    ● Crevice tool – normally, you can’t get the bigger cleaner head into small and narrow places, such as between couches, window edges, nooks and crannies. So having the crevice tool with its versatile fit will certainly be helpful.

   ● Extension wand – also, if you find your machine having problems reaching places, then the included extension wand from Bissell will definitely be helpful. The attachment can fit on all the provided tools, thus, making them a lot more useful.

The useful turbobrush tool will work great on the product
The useful turbobrush tool will work great on the product Via:

Other honorable mentions

Although the Bissell 9595A is undoubtedly a great product for most homeowners, many of you would still love to have fancier features. As a result, if you’re willing to pay more for your product, the products mentioned below will certainly interest you.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360

The Shark Nv360 with its flexible swivel steering
The Shark Nv360 with its flexible swivel steering Via:

To rid yourself of the inconveniences of working with an upright vacuum, especially when you need an easy carrying feature like on other canister models, you can always get the SHARK NAVIGATOR LIFT-AWAY DELUXE NV360. Feel free to make use of the innovative lift-away design, which will allow you to convert your upright vacuums into a canister model and get rid of the heavy cleaner head.

Also, to provide better maneuverability and control while working in the upright mode, the product offers its useful swivel-steering option for much more accurate and comfortable operation. Also, the included HEPA filter will deliver impressive dust protection for your home.

However, you would find the product offering a more expensive pricing, which is quite reasonable considering the amount of functions that were added.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 offers the extra-long hose
The Dyson Ball Animal 2 offers the extra-long hose Via:

Dyson has long been acclaimed for its functional and convenient lines of products. And at the same time, you’ll find their products start  at a higher price point. This is exactly what you’ll get with the Dyson Ball Animal 2.

The product offers impressive suction power and a useful design, which will allow consumers to enjoy their comfort while working on it. Start by tackling dust and dirt on multiple surfaces, carpets and hard floors alike, thanks to the strong suction and auto-adjust cleaner head. And with the extra extendable hose, you’ll find yourself vacuuming long distances without having to move the upright unit.

At the end of the day, it all comes to your budget, since there is nothing to criticize about this product.

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Go for the Eureka PowerSpeed if you want an even cheaper price
Go for the Eureka PowerSpeed if you want an even cheaper price Via:

Finally, for those of you who’re in need of a slightly altered version of the Bissell 9595A, then this product from Eureka will certainly interest you. With slightly reduced functionality, you can easily see this as a lite version of the original Bissell product.

Here, you can make use of the decent suction and the included hose to work on various surfaces. The 4.1L dust cup is relatively larger than most others, but the lack of cyclonic action might make it less comfortable to work with. Also, the adjustable height options will work quite similar to the Bissell 9595A, allowing you to manually customize your vacuum experiences.


  Bissell 9595A Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Nv360 Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner
15 pounds
12.5 pounds 17.25 pounds 10 lbs
HEPA filters No Yes Yes No
Maneuverability   Lift-Away, Swivel Steering Ball technology  
Dust cup 2L 1.2L   4.1L
Cyclonic action Yes Yes Yes No
Suction Good Good Great Good
Price $ $$ $$$ $


For those of you who’re in need of an affordable yet functional model, then the Bissell 9595A, with many of its standard features, will certainly offer the level of performances that you’re expecting. On top of that, thanks to the impressive price, the product should be accessible to most homeowners. Feel free to check out our Bissell cleanview 9595A review and decide whether you should go for it.

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